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China Had COVID-19 Patients Months Before Official Timeline

Internal CCP documents show patients in Wuhan had symptoms as early as September 2019, but authorities didn't disclose to the world.

The coronavirus family has seven strains known to infect humans, four of which cause common colds, and the rest (including this newly discovered one in Wuhan) lead to deadly infections including Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).



As late as March 19, the World Health Organization mistakenly reported that the novel coronavirus has a relatively low level of mortality rate and contagiousness, guided by chinese authorities' claims to their Director General during his visit to China.

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Oct.23.–  A series of leaked documents shows that patients in China with symptoms similar to COVID-19 were hospitalized months before the regime’s official timeline, throwing into question when exactly the CCP virus began spreading in Wuhan, China’s epidemic ground zero.

At least one patient started experiencing COVID-19-like symptoms in September 2019, according to hospital data obtained by The Epoch Times from a trusted source who has access to government documents. 

Dozens more were hospitalized over the following month.

Wuhan hospitals also reported several deaths in October 2019 due to severe pneumonia, lung infections, and other symptoms similar to COVID-19 patients.

The city’s health commission only publicly announced an outbreak of a novel form of pneumonia on Dec. 31, 2019—after social media posts by whistleblower doctors had gone viral.

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