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Trump's Impeachment procedures has been opened to the public this Tuesday morning

The House is holding the first public hearings of the impeachment probe, with two key diplomatic officials testifying before the Intelligence Committee.

  • Diplomat says aide heard Trump ask about "investigations" day after Ukraine call. 
  • Bill Taylor, the top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine, told the committee he recently learned a member of his staff overheard President Trump asking about "the investigations" the day after his July 25 call with the president of Ukraine.  Opening of the Trump's Impeachment procedures on 13 November 2019Opening of the Trump's Impeachment procedures on 13 November 2019

Washington DC, Nov.13.– The top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine revealed new information about the events at the center of the House impeachment inquiry as the first open hearings before the House Intelligence Committee got underway Wednesday.

Bill Taylor, the chargé d'affaires at the U.S. embassy in Kiev, said in his opening statement that he recently learned about a conversation a member of his staff overheard between President Trump and Gordon Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to the E.U. The conversation supposedly took place on July 26, the day after the president's call with the Ukrainian president.

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Alleged whistleblower Eric Ciaramella had extensive access in Trump White House

  • He was appointed and served under the Obama administration and has been for long suspected of attempting to damage President Trump's foreign policy from the inside. "He was Joe Biden's point man on Ukraine", reported Senator Rand Paul.
  • According to the Wall Street Journal, Burisma Holdings’ campaign to clean up its image in the West reached beyond the 2014 hiring of Hunter Biden, son of the then-U.S. vice president, to include other well-connected operatives in Washington.
  • Burisma hired well-connected operatives in Washington to help persuade Ukrainian prosecutors to drop criminal cases against it. 
    Eric CiaramellaEric Ciaramella

Washington, DC, Nov.12.– Eric Ciaramella, the alleged Ukraine whistleblower, was long suspected of deliberately attempting to damage President Trump's foreign policy from the inside and had access to policy information far beyond his regional expertise, according to former National Security Council officials.

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Russia Poised in Libya to Unleash Migrant Crisis Into Europe

Russian President Vladimir Putin appears to be capitalizing on ways immigration can destabilize Western countries.  A Libyan coast guardsman stands on a boat of migrants attempting to reach Europe using Lybia as a jumping-off point.A Libyan coast guardsman stands on a boat of migrants attempting to reach Europe using Lybia as a jumping-off point.

Tripoli, Nov.11.– Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested to the West last month that the widening chaos in Libya after almost a decade of war should have been obvious: "A flow of migrants went through Libya to Europe," he said in an interview, recalling the displacement of refugees that has reached crisis levels in recent years. "They have what they were warned about."

This week, The New York Times documented the deployment into Libya of Russian mercenaries. While Moscow denies its involvement, the situation mirrors tactics it has successfully employed in Syria and Ukraine to gain influence in chaotic war zones by dispatching private forces Putin can disavow until the point of victory.

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Bolivian President EvoMorales resigned Sunday's afternoon, ending 14 years of heavy-handed rule

Why did Evo Morales resigned as President of Bolivia just a few weeks after the latest elections?  Jubilant crowds celebrating in La Paz and many other Bolivian citiesJubilant crowds celebrating in La Paz and many other Bolivian cities

La Paz, Nov.11 (– After a re-election pervaded by fraud, Evo Morales finally gave-up power following weeks of unrest and protests in the South American country. Morales stated in a television address he was stepping down for the “good of the country” after police forces withdrew support from the government and the Army refrained from giving him further support.

He has been facing increasingly widespread criticism as Bolivian citizens disputed the results of elections held last month. Preliminary counting following the vote was abruptly stopped when results in favor of Morales were lagging behind the required percentage to avoid a runoff. Soon after, President Morales proclaimed that there will not be a runoff before the official results were given.

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French security experts worry about their President’s dismissal of NATO

US, Germany and others aghast at Emmanuel Macron claim that the Alliance is becoming brain-dead.

NATO member countries and other candidatesNATO member countries and other candidates

Nov. 8.– For months, NATO officials have fretted that a summit of alliance leaders in London on December 3rd might be soured by an impolitic remark by Donald Trump. They didn’t count on Emmanuel Macron. In an interview with The Economist published on November 7th, the president of France declared that NATO was experiencing “brain death”. He cast doubt on Article Five, the alliance’s collective-defence clause, and said he was not sure whether America would show up to defend Europe in a crisis.

Mr Macron was saying no more than has been murmured in chancelleries and think-tanks for years, particularly since the election of Mr Trump, who has called NATO “obsolete” and chastised allies for failing to spend enough on defence. But Mr Macron’s willingness to say it out loud worries NATO.

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