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No one is above the law in a true democracy 12 Jan 2022 19:15 #11806

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It is very unfortunate that a political figure deserving a deep investigation on his previous activities; one who was a senator, vice president, candidate for the Presidency, and finally elected President of the United States; one involved in financial and investment activities using his political influence, a fact that was well known before he was elected; finds himself free from a proper investigation. Why the required inquiries have not been carried out?

Multiple investigations for accusations that could not be proven were conducted against the previous President. Why not the current President? An investigation is due on all suspicious activities, no matter who is the suspect, and if they can't be proven either, well, all the better!

However, this is extremely serious because these suspicions are common knowledge –they are not simple rumors–, including the ones emerging from the suspect's own statements on a TV program in which he clearly acknowledged that he had used his political influence to dismiss a Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating in that country the financial activities of a corporation that had previously awarded his son a millionaire contract.

The problem is that there are many other indications that provoke reasonable suspicion and deserve due investigation but they are being ignored so far:

•    In the last four years before being elected President, he and his wife earned a whopping $17.3 million. This bonanza adds up to substantially more income than the earnings they accumulated during the former 19 years.

•    When President Joe Biden was still Vice President, James (his brother) and Hunter (his son) were gathering investors promoting plans to build “an investment firm like Goldman Sachs,” which they claimed the Vice President would eventually join. Indeed, this claim was advanced as a guarantee of success.

•    They hired Tony Bobulinski to help set up shell companies according to these plans. However, later-on Bobulinski revealed in his book "Laptop from Hell" these murky machinations. The title of the book refers to the laptop that Hunter Biden lost, was found and its contents revealed. Bobulinski thus decided to anticipate in his book some of the data being revealed from the laptop that involved his advisory efforts in the scheme. He revealed that Hunter warned him to shut up about the dealings involved because "my dad wants to be comfortable with you". He reveals in his book that Biden later told him: "My son and my brother trust you emphatically, so I trust you". Therefore, he proceeded to set up the shell investment company Sinohawk, with Joe and his wife holding 50% interest and Ye Jianning, the chairman of the Chinese energy giant CEFC, holding the other 50%.

•    The Sinohawk adventure funneled to yet another one –Oneida– with the Bidens having 10% interest. Within this new enterprise, Hunter boasted of being offered $10 million a year to be a political fixer for CEFC and he received an $80,000 diamond from Ye Jianning as a gift. Soon he introduced this Chinese power broker to Joe Biden at a party.

•    Hunter served on the board of a Chinese corporation, Bohai Harvest RST (BHR) Equity Investment Fund Management Company, who promoted China Molybdenum (CMOC) and negotiated with the Communist government the purchase of a huge cobalt mine in central Africa, pushing aside US interests who were negotiating the purchase. In fact, this was reported by the New York Times, but never investigated. It is important to know that cobalt is a rare metal and is required to manufacture electric vehicle batteries, among many other uses.

These are details that I have been able to investigate and find without having by far any of the instruments and facilities the FBI and other investigative agencies have.

Indeed, these organizations must have much more extensive and rich information. Why don't they go ahead and do a proper investigation? No one is above the law. Innocent or guilty, the most important thing in a free society is transparency.
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