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Responder: The Durham Report NOW: Don’t Let History Repeat Itself


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12 Oct 2020 19:00 #11469

Chilton Williamson Jr.

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The timing of President Trump’s immediately recent tweets and his abrupt declassification of documents relating to the attempted coup staged in 2016 by the colluders in the Great Collusion Conspiracy was not haphazard, as we have learned in the past couple of days. John Durham, the federal attorney appointed 18 months ago by Attorney General Barr to review the conduct of the federal intelligence agencies and law enforcement agents associated with the Trump-Russia investigation, almost certainly will not have released his long-awaited report on the subject by the time Election Day is upon us. His slowness, which frustrates both the President and the Justice Department, which fears that, should the report be made public after Trump is out of office having lost the election three weeks from now, it will be deep-sixed by the new Democratic administration before it has seen the light of day. According to Maria Bartiromo, Durham’s report is “significant and expanding.” Nevertheless, there have been rumors for months now that Durham will hold off releasing it in order not to appear to be trying to “influence the election.” His fear, his reasoning, and  his scruples are equally absurd. “Influencing the election” is exactly what the report OUGHT and NEEDS to do, before history is given a chance to repeat itself.

The collusion scam, almost certainly concocted by Hillary Clinton to deflect attention from the scandal her use of a home computer on which to conduct State Department business created, was made up out of whole cloth and promoted by Clinton’s presidential campaign–i.e., one-half of the general campaign of 2016.  The reason why the country did not have the full story of this scam cum attempted coup, perpetrated by the Democratic Party in cahoots with the Deep State, as the 2020 campaign got under way last year is that both have been conspiring with the media to stonewall investigations into it before President Trump could win reelection.  John Durham’s investigation is thus one of a number of related pieces of critical business left over from the election of 2016. Should Durham release a report that reveals criminally subversive behavior by Clinton, her party, and their bureaucratic allies during the last campaign and the four years since AFTER this election, he would have deliberately denied the electorate crucial information it was morally entitled to have BEFORE it decided how to cast a ballot in this one–before, that is, it knew whether one of the two men at the top of his ticket and his associates were criminally complicit in a coup that so far has largely failed–but would in fact have ended as a brilliant success should he be elected the 46th President of the United States next month.

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