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Democracy & Participation under a Ukraine's perspective ** Charles Cockell 350
A sustainable Europe based on participatory democracy European Economic & Social Committee 1682
US Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics Society of Professional Journalists 3725
To catch a Kleptocrat National Endowment for Democracy 6936
Oldest living Participatory Democracy on Earth Democracia Participativa 8866
US National Symbols Democracia Participativa 9490
The Design of Direct Democracy Initiative & Referendum Institute Europe 10991
Vision from the Vatican on Government & Political Community Pontifical Council for Justice & Peace 13039
THE PRINCIPLE OF SUBSIDIARITY (European perspective) European Union 15082
Principle of Subsidiarity & Participatory Democracy Democracia Participativa 16991
The Liberty Amendment - US Constitutional Amendment proposal Democracia Participativa 14745
The Great Law of Peace - Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Constitution Democracia Participativa 18479
Europeans' Engagement in Participatory Democracy Eurobarometer 12486
Participatory Democracy in Local Government, an Irish perspective Democracia Participativa 13200
Referendums & Plebiscites Michael Gallaher 13760
Defining Fraud to Increase Electoral Integrity IFES 14915
The Electoral College System: arguments in favor from the United States Seattle Times 14133
Hamurabi's Code of Law Democracia Participativa 14517
US ELECTORAL DEMOCRACY Gerardo E. Martínez-Solanas 15888
US Applied Democracy: Legislative Recalls Joseph Zimmerman 14447
The Right of Rebellion Democracia Participativa 53074
Consensus decision-making Democracia Participativa 15538
Participatory Democracy USA Style Democracia Participativa 20449
The case for Direct Democracy Andreas Gross & Bruno Kaufmann 13743
What is the purpose of the Council of Europe? Council of Europe 13734